What We Do

DRAGG believes in the power of education and mentorship to transform the lives of our local youth. Students in the DRAGG program are treated to a unique impact model. The DRAGG Student learns workplace soft skills, automotive education, community engagement, employment preparation, career exploration, social-emotional learning, and police mentorship. Our impact doesn’t stop there, the relationships we build last well after graduation. Find out more about what we do.

Program Classes and Curriculum
High School students come to our facility and learn automotive basics in a safe and positive learning environment. The program is in collaboration with the School District and Police Department to ensure quality instruction and interaction. Students who meet their minimum number of hours earn school credit toward graduation. Over 500 students have gone through the DRAGG program!
Our local Police Officers are an essential part of our program. Local law enforcement provides mentorship to our students, giving them advice, positive reinforcement, and general support to help students make good school, career, & life choices. To get involved, check our Volunteer section.
Exceptional graduating DRAGG Seniors are eligible for scholarships to help with continuing education in technical schools, community colleges, and universities. To date, DRAGG has awarded over 100 scholarships! To underwrite our Scholarships and sponsor a student contact info@draggteam.org.
Field Trips
DRAGG Students go on regular field trips throughout the school year to supplement learning, as well as career exploration. Some locations include City Fleet Services, Racing Yards, Auto Body Shops, and Car Dealerships. Experiencing things first hand, enhancing learning, and excites students to be successful.
Community Engagement
Along with the Annual Vehicle Giveaway, students attend many local community events and volunteer their time to engage with their neighbors. Events like the Oxnard Christmas Parade provide students an opportunity to be part of a celebration with their friends and neighbors.
DRAGG invites local business owners, and leaders from the community to speak to the students about the value of hard work, education, careers, and life choices. Many of our speakers graciously offer internships to our students, as a way to gain hands-on experience and practical networking. To find out how you or your company can get involved, please contact info@draggteam.org today!